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Top sites around Edinburgh captured through a crystal ball

Top sites around Edinburgh captured through a crystal ball

For the last few weeks local blogger Kay Gillespie has been roaming the city with a crystal ball in her pocket.

But rather than using it to tell her future, she has been holding it up to capture images of our gorgeous city.

"I had been looking for a different way of capturing Edinburgh," explains Kay. "It’s such a photographic city it’s hard to find new ways of showing it.

"But then I spotted a photograph in a book I had been given for Christmas of an image shown through a bulb and I had the idea to try something similar."

The 26-year-old student decided to order a crystal ball online and despite her reservations, the images she was able to take through it have been elegantly beautiful.

"I wasn't sure it would work at first when this physic crystal ball came in a wee velvet back, but it did," said Kay.

"I got a lot of funny looks though because I was standing at the top of Cockburn Street balancing this crystal ball in one hand and my camera in the other."

  (The Chaotic Scot)
via STV via STV

Kay posted her photos on her blog The Chaotic Scot and the city has already got right behind her.

The young blogger's work has grown in recognition since it launched a year ago, with Kay being offered the chance to blog on a Caribbean cruise last year and cover a chocolate festival in Perth.

  (The Chaotic Scot)
via STV via STV

"I’ve been to over 40 countries, but I just wish I’d thought about this idea before," said Kay with a laugh. "It’s so annoying."

Kay already has plans for her next project though, just as she rounds off her final year at university, with plans to go out and photograph Gorgie life through a Fish Eye lens.

"I've still got the crystal ball with me though," said Kay. "I carry it around, wrapped in bubble wrap, just in case I need it."

  (The Chaotic Scot)
via STV via STV
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