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Prepare your taste buds for a cupful of Cairngorm's finest

Prepare your taste buds for a cupful of Cairngorm's finest

Whether it’s an espresso, Americano, cappuccino or latte, the city is overflowing with a strong coffee culture.

And coffee fans will be treated to a new addition arriving in the heart of town on Frederick Street as the Cairngorm Coffee Company opens this March.

From the initial idea in October last year, Robi Lambie embarked on a venture following in his father’s footsteps to open his own coffee shop.

Robi said: “I’m from up north and my dad owns a cafe on the A9.

“I have had a number of jobs but kept going back to help him so when I moved back to Edinburgh, I thought I’d follow suit but trying to bring a modern, younger feel to my brand.”

Cairngorm Coffee is named after the area where Robi’s family discovered their love for caffeinated cupfuls.

But instead of choosing a location in the same area, Robi moved back to Edinburgh and has decided to open his own company nestled next to popular tea boutique Eteaket.

The coffee company plans to bring a taste of the Highlands into the bustling city streets.

Robi said: “I want the decor to reflect the country so it should feel rustic, but I'm keen that it's also really modern.

“It will have rustic features inside, but we’ll add a modern touch with things like iPads for customers. The whole thing should be in juxtaposition.”


With a host of coffee specialists in the city, what can we expect from their offering?

Robi said: “I had to undertake a lot of research for this project and I was really keen to have fantastic coffee, but I wanted to try and break that pretentious barrier it sometimes has.

“I’m a massive coffee lover, but know sometimes it can feel uncomfortable walking into a specialist coffee shop. I wanted to create a relaxing vibe but with really nice tasting coffee.

“I guess it’s somewhere in between the big chains that have the fast food ethic with coffee, so you will be able to pick it up on the go without waiting around, but it’s independent. It’s been a hard balance to try and achieve.”



It's not only coffee on the cards with Robi hoping to enlist the help of some local bakers to spawn a range of sandwiches.

Robi said: “We’re working on our menu at the moment and in talks with local bakers as we want to serve fresh toasted sandwiches.

“I'm also a big cheese lover and I'm particularly keen on trying to develop a really great toasted cheese sandwich."


With the coffee machine in place and the refurbishment drawing to a close, Robi is currently on the lookout for skilled baristas and friendly faces to work in the shop. If you think you can help out, send an email to hi@cairngormcoffee.com

If you're a keen coffee fan, keep up to date with the latest Cairngorm coffee happenings via their Facebook and Twitter page.

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