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New to the endangered species list: black and white televison

New to the endangered species list: black and white televison

For some nostalgic Scots, flat-screened and shiny digital devices just won't cut the mustard.

Just over 700 homes in Scotland are choosing to remain loyal to their black and white television sets this year.

Despite the recent move to digital, new figures suggest that there are still some vintage loving folk out there refusing to let go of their beloved boxes.

According to figures released today by TV Licensing Scotland, Glasgow leads the way in black and white television license numbers across Scotland, followed by Edinburgh and Dundee.


Scotsman Jim McLauchlan, a restorer of back and white television sets for the Museum of Communication in Burntisland, said: “I’m surprised at the number of black and white licences, given the end of analogue, and imagine most of these sets would be the more reliable portable televisions from the 80s as large screen sets would have met their demise by now, due to the lack of spares.

"Aside from the cost of a licence, reasons to keep using a black and white TV could be to watch purely news broadcasts or some may have a nostalgic attachment to Black and White while others may not see the need for replacing their television if it still works.”

Top 10 black and white cities/towns in Scotland

  1. Glasgow 230

  2. Edinburgh 81

  3. Dundee 26

  4. Perth 15

  5. Aberdeen 14

  6. Dunfermline 12

  7. Clydebank 11

  8. Motherwell 11

  9. Greenock 9

  10. Kirkcaldy 9

Do you still have a black and white television set? We'd love to hear from you! Let us know by sending a message to our local mailbox.

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